Why Is Eva Marie Back In WWE?

As one of the most polarizing figures in WWE, Eva Marie’s return to the company has fans wondering why she’s back. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons.

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Why WWE fans are excited to see Eva Marie return

Eva Marie first made her WWE debut in 2013, and quickly became a fan favorite. She left the company in 2017 to focus on her acting career, but recently announced her return to WWE.

Fans are excited to see Eva Marie back in WWE for a number of reasons. First, she is a talented wrestler who always puts on a good show. Second, she is a Stamford, CT native and her return coincides with WWE’s move to NBCUniversal’s new Peacock streaming service.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Eva Marie is simply a joy to watch. She has a bright personality and is always enthusiastic about wrestling. Her return is sure to be a bright spot in an otherwise dark time for WWE.

What Eva Marie has been up to since she left WWE

Eva Marie shocked the wrestling world when she abruptly left WWE in 2017. Since then, she has largely stayed out of the public eye. However, she recently announced that she is returning to WWE. So what has Eva Marie been up to since she left WWE?

Eva Marie started her own fashion line called NEM Fashion in 2018. She has also been working on a fitness app called Sizzl. In 2019, she made her acting debut in the film Inconceivable. She also appeared in an episode of the reality TV show WAGS.

It seems that Eva Marie has been busy since she left WWE. It will be interesting to see how she fares upon her return to WWE.

How Eva Marie’s return could affect the WWE Women’s division

While it is not yet known how long Marie will be with WWE or what her role will entail, her return could have a big impact on the WWE Women’s division.

Marie first joined WWE in 2013 as part of the reality show Total Divas. She quickly became one of the most hated characters on the show, due in part to her limited wrestling ability. Despite this, she was pushed as a top star and held the WWE Divas Championship for 69 days.

Marie left WWE in 2017, wanting to focus on her acting career. She has since starred in a number of films and television shows, including Inconceivable, The cosby Show and American Satan.

While Marie is not currently signed to a full-time contract, it is thought that she will make regular appearances on WWE programming. This could be used to help increase ratings and viewership, as Marie is a very polarizing figure.

It remains to be seen what effect Eva Marie will have on the WWE Women’s division, but her return is sure to be intriguing nonetheless.

What kind of role Eva Marie will have in WWE

Eva Marie first joined WWE in 2013 as a part of the reality television series Total Divas. She was then signed to a development contract and spent the next few years training at the WWE Performance Center and wrestling on NXT and WWE Main Event.

In 2016, she was suspended for 30 days due to a wellness policy violation. She then left WWE in August of that year.

Recently, it was announced that Eva Marie would be returning to WWE as part of the SmackDown Live brand. It is unclear what kind of role she will have in the company, but it is speculated that she will be used as a manager or valet for one of the brand’s top stars.

How long Eva Marie’s return to WWE will last

While it’s unclear how long Eva Marie’s return to WWE will last, it’s safe to say that her hiatus from the company was much needed. After all, Eva Marie was never able to fully connect with the WWE Universe and her in-ring abilities were often criticized.

What Eva Marie’s return means for WWE

Eva Marie’s return to WWE has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some are happy to see her back, while others are skeptical about her motives.

So why is Eva Marie back in WWE?

There are a few possible reasons. First, it’s possible that she simply missed being a part of WWE and wanted to come back. Secondly, she may be looking to boost her career by appearing on WWE programming. Finally, it’s possible that she was contacted by WWE about a potential return and decided to take them up on their offer.

Whatever the case may be, Eva Marie’s return is sure to be an interesting development in WWE.

What fans can expect from Eva Marie in WWE

While fans were initially shocked to see Eva Marie back in WWE, it appears that WWE may be setting her up for a more prominent role on SmackDown Live. Eva Marie made her first appearance on the blue brand since 2017 last week, and while she didn’t have a match, she did interfere in a match between her former Absolution stablemates Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

While it remains to be seen what WWE has planned for Eva Marie, it’s possible that the company is looking to capitalize on her recent popularity. Eva Marie has been appearing on reality television shows like Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry and E! News’ Daily Pop, and she’s also been making headlines for her relationship with NFL star Jonathan Howard.

With Eva Marie’s newfound popularity and increased visibility, it makes sense that WWE would want to bring her back into the fold. And given the recent shake-ups on SmackDown Live, it’s possible that Eva Marie could be in for a major push on the blue brand. Only time will tell what WWE has planned for Eva Marie, but it’s safe to say that fans can expect big things from her in the near future.

How Eva Marie’s return will affect WWE TV

Eva Marie made her long-awaited return to WWE television on the December 28th, 2020 episode of SmackDown. Her return came as a surprise to many fans, as she had not been seen on WWE programming in over three years. While it is still unknown what role Eva Marie will play on SmackDown, her return is sure to shake up the women’s division.

Eva Marie first gained popularity as a member of the cast of the reality show Total Divas. While she was never considered to be a great in-ring performer, Eva Marie was one of the most popular Divas due to her striking looks and magnetic personality. After a few years away from WWE, it appears that Eva Marie is ready to make her mark on SmackDown.

While it remains to be seen how Eva Marie will fit into the current landscape of WWE, her return is sure to add some excitement to the women’s division. With such a long absence from WWE TV, it will be interesting to see how Eva Marie adapts to the current product. Only time will tell howEva Marie’s return will affect WWE TV.

What other WWE superstars have to say about Eva Marie’s return

While many WWE superstars are excited to have Eva Marie back in the ring, some are wondering why she was brought back at all.

Critics have speculated that WWE is only bringing Eva Marie back because she is a popular name and will help sell tickets. Others think that WWE is trying to send a message that they are willing to give second chances.

WWE superstar John Cena has spoken out in support of Eva Marie, saying that everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. He also said that he thinks Eva Marie has learned from her past and is ready to get back in the ring.

Not all WWE superstars are as forgiving, however. Some have said that Eva Marie should not be allowed back because she is a “liability.” Others have said that her return does not make sense, given how long she has been away from the ring.

What the future holds for Eva Marie in WWE

Eva Marie’s future in WWE is cloudy following her recent suspension, but she could still have a place in the company.

Eva Marie was suspended by WWE on August 18, 2016 for 30 days due to a first-time violation of the company’s Talent Wellness Program. The nature of the violation has not been made public, but it is believed to be related to failing a drug test.

This is a huge blow for Eva Marie, who was just starting to gain some momentum in WWE. She had been feuding with Bayley on Raw and appeared to be moving up the card. With her suspension, it’s unclear where she fits into WWE’s plans going forward.

It’s possible that Eva Marie will be released by WWE when her suspension is up. She has been with the company for nearly four years and has yet to make much of an impact. If WWE does decide to release her, it would not be surprising.

However, there is also a chance that WWE decides to keep Eva Marie around. She is a talented performer and has shown improvement in recent months. Additionally, she is someone who is easy on the eyes and can generate attention from casual fans. If WWE believes that she still has potential, they may decide to give her another chance.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Eva Marie in WWE. For now, she will have to sit out and watch from the sidelines as her colleagues continue to compete.

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