When Is WWE’s Next PPV?

Keep up with the latest WWE PPV schedule and find out when the next big event is happening.

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Upcoming WWE PPVs

WWE’s next PPV is Extreme Rules on July 14, 2019.

WWE PPV Schedule

The WWE PPV schedule is always subject to change, but here are the currently scheduled events for the remainder of 2020:

-May 10: Money in the Bank
-June 7: Backlash
-July 19: Great American Bash
-August 23: SummerSlam
-September 20: Clash of Champions
-October 25: Hell in a Cell
-November 22: Survivor Series
-December 20: TLC


The WWE schedule is always packed with high-stakes clashes, but every few weeks, the promotion pulls out all the stops for a Pay-Per-View event. These extravaganzas always feature the biggest matches possible, with WWE’s biggest stars facing off for titles and glory.

While WWE used to have a PPV almost every month, they’ve since turned to a more manageable quarterly schedule. This means that fans only have to wait a few months between each major event, and it also allows WWE to focus on making each PPV as special as possible.

So, when is the next WWE PPV? Read on to find out.

The next WWE PPV is WrestleMania 36, which will take place on Sunday, April 5th, 2020.

When Is WWE’s Next PPV?

The WWE’s next PPV is Survivor Series and it will take place on November 18th.

What’s Next For WWE?

After a busy few weeks, WWE has finally released its next Pay-Per-View event. Scheduled for June 7, the event will be titled “Money in the Bank” and will feature both men’s and women’s Money in the Bank Ladder matches. In addition, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will defend his title against Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage match, while WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins will put his title on the line against AJ Styles in a Last Man Standing match.

WWE’s Next Move

No one knows for sure what WWE’s next move is, but there are some clues. The next PPV could be anything from WWE’s version of the Super Bowl to a smaller, more intimate event. Nonetheless, WWE always has something big planned for its fans.

WWE’s Next PPV

The next WWE PPV is SummerSlam on August 23, 2020.

WWE’s Next Step

WWE’s next big move is a brand-new PPV extravaganza, and it’s coming your way very soon. The date and location have been set, and tickets are now on sale! Here’s everything you need to know about WWE’s next big event.

What WWE Needs To Do Next

While there is no shortage of opinions on what WWE should do next, the company has several options available to it.

First, WWE could focus on rebuilding its tag team division. The current roster has a number of talented tag teams, but WWE has failed to properly utilize them in recent years. By putting more focus on the tag team division, WWE could bring back some of the excitement that was lacking in 2018.

In addition, WWE could also look to shake things up with its pay-per-view schedule. The company has been stuck in a rut in recent years, with many PPVs feeling like rehashes of previous shows. By introducing new concepts and fresh match-ups, WWE could make its PPVs must-see events again.

Finally, WWE could simply look to improve its overall product. This would involve making changes to the booking, improving the in-ring action, and finding new and interesting ways to keep fans engaged week after week. While this may seem like a daunting task, it is one that WWE has successfully accomplished in the past.

Whatever WWE decides to do next, it will need to act quickly if it wants to avoid further decline in 2019.

WWE’s Next Challenge

The next WWE PPV is ______________.

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