What Does Wwe Mean?

WWE is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Stamford, Connecticut. WWE has also branched out into other areas of entertainment, such as movies, football, and reality television.

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What does WWE stand for?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE is a professional wrestling company that promotes events worldwide.

The history of WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., d/b/a WWE, is an American integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling. WWE has also branched out into other fields, including movies, real estate, and various other business ventures.

WWE was founded in 1952 as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC), a regional professional wrestling promotion based in Washington, D.C. The company was eventually sold to Vince McMahon Sr. in 1982, and renamed World Wrestling Federation (WWF). McMahon Sr.’s son, Vince McMahon Jr., took over the company in 1984 and oversaw its transformation into a national promotion.

In 2000, the World Wrestling Federation was renamed World Wrestling Entertainment after Vince McMahon Jr.’s purchase of the World Bodybuilding Federation’s assets. The following year, the company launched the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) brand to compete with Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW). In 2006, WWE began airing its flagship television programs Raw and SmackDown on separate nights after acquiring ECW’s former broadcaster, Spike TV.

Today, WWE is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of over $3 billion. It has been described by Forbes as “the most influential pro-wrestling company of all time”.

The different WWE brands

WWE has three main brands that they operate under, which are Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. Each brand has its own separate rosters of wrestlers, with RAW being the flagship show and NXT being the developmental brand. There are also a number of different shows and PPVs that WWE produces throughout the year.

WWE superstars

WWE superstars are professional wrestlers who perform in ring, on television and in film. WWE is a global entertainment company with a diverse roster of athletes, who come from all corners of the world.

WWE Divas

WWE Divas are talented female wrestlers who compete in matches, storylines and other wrestling entertainment segments on WWE programming. While the Women’s Division has always been a part of WWE, the term “Divas” was not officially used until 2008.

The word “Diva” has come to be used in WWE as a catch-all term for any female performer, regardless of whether they are a wrestler, valet, ring announcer, or other on-screen personality. However, not all female WWE Superstars identify as Divas – for example, Charlotte Flair has referred to herself as a “Women’s Wrestler”.

WWE Champions

WWE Champions is a professional wrestling video game developed by Foster City Studios and published by 2K Games. It was released on Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s Wii U consoles on October 28, 2013 in North America, and October 30, 2013 in Europe. The game is based on the professional wrestling promotion WWE, and simulates WWE programming and events.

WWE Pay-Per-Views

WWE Pay-Per-Views are events that are produced by WWE and shown on pay-per-view (PPV) television. They are typically three to four hours in length and feature some of the biggest moments in WWE history. Many of WWE’s biggest stars have made their names by performing at these events, and they continue to be a major part of the company’s programming today.

WWE Network

WWE Network is a streaming service that offers on-demand and live WWE programming. It includes all live pay-per-view events, as well as a comprehensive on-demand library of WWE shows, original programming, documentaries, and more.

WWE merchandise

WWE merchandise is big business. The company sells everything from t-shirts and action figures to hats and DVDs. If you’re a fan of WWE, chances are you have at least one piece of WWE merchandise.

WWE news

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., d/b/a WWE, is an American entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling. WWE has also branched out into other fields, including movies, real estate, and various other business ventures.

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