Is Brock Lesnar Coming Back To WWE?

Brock Lesnar has not been seen in WWE since he lost the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34. Lesnar’s contract with WWE is set to expire soon. Is Brock Lesnar coming back to WWE?

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Could Brock Lesnar be coming back to WWE?

There has been a lot of speculation lately that Brock Lesnar could be making a return to WWE. This is due to the fact that his contract with the UFC is up this year, and he has not signed a new one.

Lesnar is a former WWE Champion, and is widely considered to be one of the most popular Superstars in the company’s history. If he were to return, it would no doubt be a huge boost for WWE.

However, it should be noted that Lesnar has not been seen on WWE television since 2014, and it’s unclear if he would even be interested in returning. Nothing has been confirmed at this time, but it will be interesting to see if anything develops in the coming months.

Why Brock Lesnar left WWE in the first place

In 2004, Lesnar was recruited by the WWE after a successful amateur wrestling career with the University of Minnesota. He was signed to a development contract and assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where he was a three-time OVW Southern Tag Team Champion with Shelton Benjamin. After debuting on WWE’s main roster in 2002, Lesnar won the WWE Championship on three separate occasions within his first five years with the company, becoming only the second person in history to achieve such a feat. He then became exclusive to SmackDown and won its championship twice, including setting a record as the youngest WWE Champion in history at age 25.

What Brock Lesnar has been up to since leaving WWE

Brock Lesnar has been a dominant force in the world of professional wrestling since he made his debut in 2000. He quickly rose to prominence in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and became one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. Lesnar left WWE in 2004 to pursue a career in mixed martial arts (MMA), but returned to the company in 2012. Since then, he has held the WWE Universal Championship and is currently one of the top stars in WWE.

However, Lesnar’s contract with WWE is set to expire in April 2020, and it is unclear if he will renew it or not. Rumors have been swirling that Lesnar may be considering a return to MMA, as he was recently spotted training with UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. Cormier himself has said that he thinks Lesnar is “serious” about making a return to the octagon.

Whether Brock Lesnar returns to WWE or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: he is one of the most entertaining and dominant forces in professional wrestling today.

The possibility of Brock Lesnar returning to WWE

Typically, when a superstar’s contract expires with WWE, their profile is removed from the WWE website. This was the case with Brock Lesnar, as his contract expired on Sunday night after WrestleMania 35. However, as of Monday morning, his profile is still active on Does this mean Brock Lesnar is coming back to WWE?

It’s possible that Brock Lesnar could be returning to WWE. While his profile on being active could just be an oversight, it’s worth noting that Brock Lesnar has not made any public appearances or comments since his contract expired. If he was not planning on returning to WWE, it’s likely that he would have at least made a comment about his future plans by now.

Of course, nothing is confirmed at this point and we will just have to wait and see if Brock Lesnar does indeed return to WWE in the near future.

How a Brock Lesnar return could affect WWE

Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE could have a big effect on the company. The former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE Universal Champion has been away from WWE since April, and his contract is up in August.

Lesnar is a big star and brings a lot of mainstream attention to WWE. His matches are always highly anticipated and usually do well on pay-per-view. His return could help boost WWE’s ratings, which have been down in recent months.

However, Lesnar’s return could also be a double-edged sword for WWE. Lesnar is a part-time performer who only wrestles a few times a year. His limited schedule means that he isn’t always available for WWE’s live events, which can be a problem for fans who have paid to see him.

It remains to be seen whether Brock Lesnar will return to WWE, but his potential return could have a big impact on the company.

What WWE would have to do to get Brock Lesnar back

Brock Lesnar has not been seen in WWE since WrestleMania 36 and his contract with the company has reportedly expired.

While it is unknown what Lesnar’s future holds, WWE would certainly love to have The Beast Incarnate back in the fold.

So, what would WWE have to do to get Brock Lesnar back?

1) Offer him a lot of money: This is probably the most obvious point, but it cannot be understated. Lesnar is one of the biggest draws in WWE history and he knows his worth. WWE will have to open up the checkbook if they want to bring Lesnar back.

2) Give him a part-time schedule: One of the main reasons Lesnar left WWE in the first place was because he was unhappy with his full-time schedule. lesnar wants to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests outside of wrestling. WWE will need to give Lesnar a lighter schedule if they want him to return.

3) Put him in main event storylines: Another reason Lesnar left WWE was because he felt he was not being used properly. lesnar wants to be in main event storylines and be given a chance to shine on television. WWE will need to give lesnar a prominent role if they want him to return.

4) Make sure he is happy: This is probably the most important point of all. Brock Lesnar is not going to return to WWE unless he is happy with the situation. If WWE can offer him a good contract, a lighter schedule, and a prominent role on television, then there is a good chance Lesnar will be back in the fold sooner rather than later.

Why Brock Lesnar returning to WWE would be a good thing

Brock Lesnar is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. He is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and a current WWE Universal Champion. He is also one of the highest paid Superstars in WWE.

There have been rumors that Brock Lesnar might be returning to WWE, and this has led to a lot of speculation about what this could mean for the company.

There are a few reasons why Brock Lesnar returning to WWE would be a good thing. First, Brock Lesnar is a draw. He is someone who people will pay to see. Second, Brock Lesnar is a great in-ring performer. He always puts on a good match, and people always enjoy watching him wrestle. Third, Brock Lesnar is a good advocate for WWE. He has said in the past that he enjoys working for WWE, and he has been very positive about the company in interviews.

Brock Lesnar returning to WWE would be a good thing for the company, and it would be good for fans of WWE.

Why Brock Lesnar returning to WWE would be a bad thing

Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE would be a bad thing for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it would mean that once again WWE would be putting the strap on a part-timer. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, it sends the wrong message to the full-time roster. It says that WWE only cares about guys who can bring in outside interest and guys who don’t have to be there every single week. That translates into guys like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Braun Strowman being seen as second-class citizens.

Another reason why Brock Lesnar returning would be a bad thing is because of how he operates. Brock Lesnar does not play by the rules. He’s not afraid to break kayfabe or shoot on WWE management. For example, he once said that WWE Creative has “a bunch of idiots writing shit.” Is that something WWE wants its top guy saying? Probably not.

Lastly, Brock Lesnar is unpredictable. He could show up one day and decide that he doesn’t want to do what WWE Creative has planned for him. Or he could show up and just lay waste to everyone in sight because he’s in a bad mood. That kind of unpredictable behavior is not something WWE needs right now.

What the fans think about a potential Brock Lesnar return

Brock Lesnar has been a dominant force in the WWE for years, and fans are always wondering if he might make a return. There is no doubt that Lesnar is a huge draw, and his matches are always highly anticipated.

However, there are also some fans who feel that Lesnar is too much of a loose cannon, and that his return could disrupt the WWE’s current landscape. While it’s impossible to please everyone, it seems clear that there is a lot of interest in seeing Lesnar back in the ring.

Our predictions for Brock Lesnar’s WWE return

Brock Lesnar has not been seen in WWE since he lost the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34.

Since then, there have been many rumors about when and if The Beast Incarnate will make his return to WWE. While we don’t know for sure when Brock will be back, we’ve compiled a list of our best predictions for his return.

-Brock will return at SummerSlam 2018 to challenge for the Universal Championship.
-Brock will return at Survivor Series 2018 to lead Team WWE against Team WCW/ECW in a rematch of the 2001 Survivor Series match.
-Brock will return at the Royal Rumble 2019 to challenge for the WWE Championship.
-Brock will return at WrestleMania 35 to challenge for the Universal Championship in a rematch against Roman Reigns.

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