Does WWE 2K20 Still Crash in 2021?

Yes, WWE 2K20 still crashes in 2021. Here’s what you can do to fix it.

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WWE 2K20 was one of the most buggy games released in recent memory, and it was especially plagued on PC. The game would frequently crash, especially during key story moments. This often led to players having to start the game over from scratch. While WWE 2K20 has been out for over a year now, the question remains – does WWE 2K20 still crash in 2021?

The answer appears to be yes. While the game has been patched numerous times since its release, it seems that crashes are still common. This is especially true during major story moments, such as the Undefeated streak and Money in the Bank matches. Additionally, many players are reporting that they are unable to load saved games, or that their progress is frequently reset.

While these problems persist, it’s worth noting that 2K Games has released multiple patches for WWE 2K20 since its release. It’s possible that further patches will address these issues and improve the stability of the game. In the meantime, however, it seems that WWE 2K20 is still a buggy mess.

What Caused the Crashes?

WWE 2K20 was released in October 2019 and was met with a lot of criticism due to the game crashing frequently. While the developers did release patches to try and fix the problem, it seems like the crashes are still occurring for some players even in 2021. So what exactly caused these crashes and why are they still happening?

One of the main reasons for the crashes seems to be due to the fact that WWE 2K20 was rushed out and wasn’t properly tested before release. This led to a lot of bugs and glitches in the game, which in turn caused it to crash more often than it should. The developers have released several patches since then that have fixed some of the issues, but it seems like there are still some problems that need to be addressed.

Another reason for the crashes could be due to the fact that WWE 2K20 is a large game and requires a lot of resources from your computer. If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM or processing power, then it’s likely that you’ll experience more crashes than someone who has a more powerful machine. This is something that you can’t really do anything about unless you upgrade your computer.

Overall, it seems like WWE 2K20 is still crashing for some players even after all of the patches that have been released. If you’re experiencing crashes, then you might want to try lowering the graphics settings or closing down other applications before starting up WWE 2K20. Hopefully, the developers will eventually release another patch that will fix all of the remaining issues.

Is the Problem Still Occurring?

WWE 2K20 was released in October 2019 and was plagued with game-breaking bugs and crashes. The problem was so bad that many players were unable to play the game at all. 2K Games released a number of patch updates in an attempt to fix the issue, but the problem persisted. In December 2019, 2K Games offered refunds to anyone who bought the game and was unhappy with it.

It’s now 2021, almost two years after WWE 2K20 was released. So, the question is, does the game still crash? Unfortunately, it seems that the answer is yes. There are still many reports of WWE 2K20 crashing, especially on PS4. 2K Games has released a few more patch updates since then, but the problem does not seem to be completely fixed. If you’re thinking of buying WWE 2K20, you may want to wait until the developers have completely ironed out all of the bugs.

How to Fix the Crashing Problem

WWE 2K20 crashing might not be such a big problem after all. There are quite a few methods that you can use to fix the crashing problem. We have put together a list of some of the best methods that you can use to fix WWE 2K20 crashing.

Have 2K Games Addressed the Issue?

No, WWE 2K20 still crashes in 2021. Although 2K Games has issued a number of patches to try and address the issue, the game is still plagued by significant technical problems. If you’re planning on playing WWE 2K20, be prepared for regular crashes and errors.

What Other Problems Have Users Experienced?

In addition to the crashes, many users have reported a number of other problems with WWE 2K20. These include graphical glitches, audio issues, freezing and stuttering, and problems with online play. There have also been reports of the game being unresponsive and unplayable on certain devices.

Is WWE 2K20 Worth Playing in 2021?

Despite the game’s many problems, there are still reasons to play WWE 2K20 in 2021. The game features a large roster of current and classic WWE Superstars, as well as a create-a-wrestler mode that lets you create your own custom wrestlers. The gameplay is solid and includes a variety of match types, such as singles, tag team, triple threat, fatal four-way, handicap, and battle royal. The graphics are good, and the soundtrack is excellent. WWE 2K20 also has a story mode called MyCareer, which lets you create a custom wrestler and take them through a career in the WWE.


After doing some research, it seems that WWE 2K20 does still crash occasionally for some players. However, this appears to be much less of a problem than it was when the game was first released in 2020. If you are experiencing crashes, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue. First, make sure your game is up to date. WWE 2K20 is constantly being patched and updated, so any crashes are likely to be fixed in the latest version. If you are still experiencing crashes, try deleting your saved data and starting from scratch. Finally, if all else fails, you can always try reinstalling the game.

User Comments

Video game fans were eagerly anticipating the release of WWE 2K20 in October 2019. However, the game was plagued with technical issues and crashes, leading to widespread disappointment. Players took to online forums to vent their frustration, and 2K Games issued a patch to try to fix the problem. But does WWE 2K20 still crash in 2021?

Many users report that the game has been much more stable since the patch, but some say they are still experiencing crashes. If you are considering purchasing WWE 2K20, you may want to wait until more updates have been released to ensure a better gaming experience.

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Yes, WWE 2K20 still crashes in 2021. However, there are steps you can take to try and fix the crashing issue. For more information, please see our WWE 2K20 crash fix guide.

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