UFC fighter Kajan Johnson and ET Canada online writer Shakiel Mahjouri invite MMA’s most colourful personalities to share crazy, entertaining and personal stories.

Liz Carmouche opens up about turning down the Sports Illustrated nude magazine shoot, saying “I have to answer to my son.” Carmouche also talks about how CBD has positively impacted her day-to-day life and possibly her brain health. The UFC fighter also expresses her frustrations with UFC matchmaking, her upcoming fight at UFC Prague, other fighters’ lack of disciplines, growing up in Okinawa, Japan and the horrifying comments she has received online.

Liz Carmouche Turns Down Nude SI Shoot | Ep. 69 — PNP Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Liz Carmouche: I had to wonder if I lost out on fight opportunities and sponsorships… but at the end of the day, I’m the one who has to go home at the end of the day and be okay with myself. I have a son. I have to answer to my son.

Liz Carmouche: To the people who do it, if they’re comfortable and they’re okay with themselves… Power to you! I just know that is not who I am.

Liz Carmouche: I still spar everyday. The only thing I do differently is, now I take CBD. And I don’t take all that over-the-counter trash anymore. They said, “Whatever it is you’re doing keep doing it because everything has improved. Your memory retention, the trauma in your brain, everything is better.”


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