The hosts are joined by Tristar’s Ryan Hall.

Hall reveals he is finalizing negotiations to fight a top 20 featherweight and he and Kajan talk about the time Arnold Allen knocked out 12 guys in a bar fight.

The hosts also debate on some of the best and worst reboots yet to be released and Hall shares his deeply bitter hatred for the new entries in the “Star Wars” saga.

Ryan Hall Goes Berzerk Over How Bad New 'Star Wars' Movies Are | Ep. 40 — Ragin' MMA Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Ryan Hall: “Arnold Allen got himself into a bar fight with a whole bar full of people and he apparently came out on the right side of it. He should have been given some sort of reward for high levels of testosterone.”

Kajan Johnson: “So Arnold Allen knocked out 12 men all with his left hand. After he finished knocking out all 12 of these men, they had the audacity to charge the motherf–ker. How do you charge one man who beat 12 of you and your friends?

Ryan Hall: “That’s legendary, that is amazing! I would’ve just shook his hand and thanked him for the life lesson.” 

Shakiel Mahjouri: “A friend of a friend of mine went to the bar one night feeling on top of the world. He tried to pick a fight with everyone there. He got into it with the biggest dude there and got his a– kicked! Then, he called the cops on the man he was provoking.” 

Ryan Hall: “I’m always torn on movie reboots, particularly because of the colossal dumpster fire the new Star Wars movies are. I want bad things to happen to the guys who directed them. I dislike those people on a personal level that I will never ever get over.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “Are the new Star Wars movies worse than the prequel trilogies?”

Ryan Hall: “Yes, they absolutely are. The prequels were not great, but at least it still felt like Star Wars. These ones feel like someone is popping a squat and taking a steaming dump on something I love. The amount of animosity I have towards the people responsible for this I cannot overstate.”


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