MMA analyst, personality, former fighter and Glam rockstar Robin Black joins the podcast.

The trio talks about the toxic nature of arguments and confrontation in politics, MMA, the news and just about everywhere else. The three also dive into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how social media is both a saviour and a plight.

Robin Black Recommends Cutting Cable News Out Of Your Life | Ep. 43 — PNP Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Robin Black: “Who the hell wants to just sit around and talk about whatever a bunch of fighters said last week? That’s what news is these days. Journalism has turned into thousands of people taking things people said and then having opinions about them.And that is just boring as s—t!”

Robin Black: “Whether you turn on some program UFC made or you turn on a basketball game, you have a whole bunch of people sitting around intentionally arguing disagreeable opinions. It is just nonsense.”

Robin Black: “We are so broken, we are trapped in this idea — mostly by television producers — to get three or four people, put them in suits, sit them at a desk and order them to disagree with each other and fight about it. It is reflected in our society and how people deal with each other.”

Robin Black: “Everything should not just be a question intended for debate or argument… The single greatest way to instantly improve your happiness in your life is to stop watching all cable news.”


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