Kajan and his protege Jamie Siraj are back for more podcast goodness.

The trio answer the question “which UFC fighter would make for the best Hollywood movie.” Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones, Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz, and more are considered, but what is your favourite?

The Diaz Bros. Would Make For An Epic Movie | Ep. 42 — Ragin' MMA Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Shakiel Mahjouri: “Which MMA fighters deserve their own movie? I think Daniel Cormier would make for a great movie. Super personable, interesting rise to the top. You can depict his Olympic career, his start in MMA, his relationship with Cain Velasquez and his rivarly with Jon Jones.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “I also think Nick Newell would make for a great movie, but his story is still being written.”

Kajan Johnson: “I’m going to counter your Daniel Cormier with Jon Jones. I think Jon Jones would be a phenomenal story. It would have to be a trilogy. You couldn’t fill out the wildness in one movie.”

Kajan Johnson: “I also think Royce Gracie would make for a great movie. Especially if you took it back to the Gracie challenge days and culminate with his win at the inaugural UFC.”

Jamie Siraj: “I would like to see a movie done on Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz. The Diaz brothers and their story. Nick Diaz took Nate Diaz under his wing and they end up fighting in the same organizations, fighting for championships. There is a lot of controversy and a really cool brotherhood dynamic. That is a million dollar idea.”

Jamie Siraj: “I would also love to see a movie on Bibiano Fernandes. He is not a UFC fighter but he has an incredible story. Him and his siblings were abandoned by their dad as children after their mom had passed. They grew up fending for themselves in the wild, picking berries, it’s nuts.”


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