Former UFC fighter Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann joins the show remotely from Denmark.

The man with wins over Carlos Condit, Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger, opens up about his retirement. “Hitman” also talks about choosing to raise his children in Denmark, his affinity for poker, and joining Team Alpha Male as head coach during the Duane Ludwig drama.

Martin Kampmann Chooses To Raise Kids In Denmark Instead Of U.S.| Ep. 52 — PNP Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Shakiel Mahjouri: “You came in as Team Alpha Male head coach just as Duane Ludwig left. What was that vibe like?”

Martin Kampmann: “When I came in they were still dealing with a lot of leftover tension. I was trying to stay out of it. I came out there to coach and help the guys get better, not all that other stuff.”

Kajan Johnson: “How long were you a coach at Team Alpha Male?”

Martin Kampmann: “About a year.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “Why did you leave?”

Martin Kampmann: 

Martin Kampann: “I always wanted them to spend some of their lives living in Denmark. Growing up here for them is much more free than growing up in Las Vegas or Sacramento.”

Kajan Johnson: “What do they do differently in Denmark?”

Martin Kampmann: “The safety precautions are much more strict in the U.S. Here in Denmark, they’ll take the kids out with knives and axes to chop things down in the forests. That stuff would never fly in America, but I think it is a great experience.”

Kajan Johnson: “Doing real childhood stuff!” 


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