MMA journalist and retro video game aficionado James Lynch makes his PNP debut. 

Lynch and the hosts reflect on their favourite video games, old and new, and compare MMA fighters to their Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat counterparts. 

James Lynch Picks Street Fighter Doppelgangers In MMA | Ep. 45 — PNP Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Kajan Johnson: “I do not regret faking Dana White out with a handshake. I’m going to be myself, I’m going to be 100 per cent me. If that leads to me getting cut than that is what happens. I’m not going to go out and be fake. If me pulling a little handshake stunt, which got a lot of media attention, gets me cut than that is crazy.” 

James Lynch: “I thought it was hilarious. Obviously the boss is not going to be happy about that, but that is one of the reasons why people like Kajan. He does not follow the company line, he is going to act out he is going to act. Kajan is the only got to be voicing his frustrations with the company.”

James Lynch: “I always wanted to be a broadcaster. I went to school for that. Somewhere along the way I got into MMA. The first time I got involved in the industry was in 2008 with Fight Network in Toronto. I came over from The Score. I went to TSN after that and then I went to Discovery Channel.”

James Lynch: “I started interviewing fighters while playing retro video games with them. I realize everyone is doing very similar interviews, so why not try and do something different. I wanted to get fighters into a comfortable environment.”

James Lynch: “Gabriel Gonzaga is Blanca [from Street Fighter]. Lyoto Machida is Ryu.”

Kajan Johnson: “Ken is Georges St-Pierre. Or Sage Northcutt.” 

James Lynch: “Or Northcutt could be Guille. You can do Ben Saunders as Sagat.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “I think Brock Lesnar would be a perfect Shao Khan.”


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