Legendary Canadian fighter and MMA coach Bill Mahood joins the podcast remotely from Moscow.

He opens up about the eye injuries that forced him into retirement, breaks down Kajan’s upcoming fight and reacts to news of the first annual Pornhub Awards.

Bill Mahood Reacts To First-Ever PornHub Awards | Ep. 50 — PNP Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Shakiel Mahjouri: “Bill, what made you retire despite being on a four-fight winning streak.”

Bill Mahood: “I had a couple bad detached retinas and a couple eye surgeries. The eye surgeries are probably what stopped me from fighting. Honestly, if I didn’t have the eye surgeries I’d be 50-years-old and still out there punching out punks.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “Kajan is coming off a quick turnaround following his last loss against an opponent with a similar style.”

Bill Mahood: “If you come out of the fight without any serious injuries, no damage and you’re able to spin a second camp into your first camp, it can be two for the price of one. Training camps kill you.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “How do you guys feel about the fall out between Donald Cerrone and Jackson-Wink’s gym over Mike Perry? Cerrone has seemingly left the gym over issues with Perry training there.”

Bill Mahood: “It is a one-on-one thing. You are training with a team that helps you, but when it comes down to it you’re going to get locked in the cage by yourself. It’s kind of personal.”

Kajan Johnson: “Totally, especially when two people are training in the same gym at the same weight class and something happens where they need to fight each other. That is the Cerrone-Perry situation. I’ve fought several teammates and I’ve been blessed that people have handled it well, but there can be a lot of drama and tension that builds.” 


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