Arnold “Almighty” Allen on living in Montreal, his wacky bodybuilding dad and more.

Arnold Allen Is 'Illegally' Living In Montreal | Ep. 49 — PNP Podcast

Show Notes Below:

Shakiel Mahjouri: “Do you live in Montreal now that you are training with Tristar?”

Arnold Allen: “Yeah, pretty much. Illegally. I’ll go home when I get asked to go home.”

Kajan Johnson: “You don’t have to confirm or deny, but can you tell us anything about the rumour that you knocked out a dozen dudes in a pub brawl?”

Arnold Allen: “[Fighting for the UFC] was the only thing I was worried about. Once that was straightened out it was normal business, back to the gym and trying to get a fight.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “How did it feel beating Mads Burnell after being down two rounds?”

Arnold Allen: ““It’s a good feeling, especially when you see it coming. I saw [the set-up] for 30 seconds, he kept putting his head in the same position. “I was like ‘he is a good level black belt, he’s not going to [fall for that.] And then put his head back there and I thought ‘f**k it, there are two minutes left’ and just went for it.”

Shakiel Mahjouri: “Tell us about that hilarious post-fight interview with your dad. Because I think that was your star-making performance.” 

Arnold Allen: “I didn’t put any thought into it, clearly. My dad was there and I thought ‘I’m going to roast him.’ I’m going to call him out. He’s the man, he’s a character.”

The trio also draft their picks for a fantasy 5 vs. 5 MMA fight and, believe it or not, Kajan does not want Shak on his team. Fair game because Shak doesn’t want Kajan on his team either! Arnold wants to keep his squad in the family.


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